4 Signs that show you’re both ready to spend Thanksgiving together

chicken close up dish food
Photo by Public Domain Pictures on Pexels.com

The holidays are a great time to love and be loved by your significant other. Thanksgiving is one of those holidays that acts as the playoffs that leads to another big holiday (Christmas) in the next few weeks. Thanksgiving is the starting point when you’re both ready to get serious. This is where you or partner is introduced to each other’s crazy, awkward, and sometimes embarrassing family as initiation to progress your relationship further forward.   It’s a way to solidify that you’re really into each other, with the goal of having each other’s family feel the same. Below are some of the best signs that show that you’re both ready to spend this holiday together:

1 – You’re both ready to meet the parents. If you’ve already done this, then you may be further along in the relationship. Being ready to meet each other’s parents are a good way to show your genuine interest for one another, as well as debunk the thought that It’s just a fling.

2 – You’ve both shared your crazy/horrific stories – The fact that you’re still together after that is a good sign that you’re ready to spend the holidays together. Those that share bonds through common understanding that their family isn’t the only one that’s crazy, has a way of being interpreted as, Yes, we’re definitely two of a kind in this world.

3 – You’re both ready to meet each other’s crazy family – Knowing is one thing, but still wanting to meet each other’ family and all their nuttiness is another. This definitely a good sign if you’re willing and or ready to be potentially be embarrassed from your younger days to your partner.

4 – You’ve prepared a signal if things get weird on your visit – Because you really care about each other, you’d never leave one another alone with your crazy uncle and pesky niece and nephews that may say or act in an inappropriate way. By creating an “it’s time to go” signal, you’ll be able to save your relationship if it looks like it’s not going the way you’ve planned.

All joking aside, just do your best, be yourself and take everything with a grain of salt. Remember, being with each other long term means the family is an important part of the package.


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